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How #adorable. Pains me to admit it, but I kinda miss you, too. For the same reasons, more or less. And also because I don’t have anyone to bully. :D
Happy Birthday, Weirdo.
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An Ode To Reading

One of the first assignments as a part of the English Literature Society in college: “compile” a poem-esque thing made up of different notable quotes into something of a love letter to the love of reading.
Take 1.
Contemptible dreams; meaningless figures;
Meaningless worlds; many happy triggers;
Intimacies found and discovered
Those from which no one ever really recovered.
No fun for the dull Jack, they might have said.
If only they knew that “dull” and “fun” is just in your head.
If only they knew that their “fun” will wear off with time,
Because you didn’t always need the madness, just the sublime.
We are alone the whole way; but never really lonely.
Within and without, feeling your own self only.
No sympathy for the devil, just keep that in mind.
Some may never live, but readers never die.
If it occasionally gets heavier that what you had in mind,
It’s because yesterday’s weirdness is tomorrow’s reason why.
So, buy the ticket. Take the ride.
There’s an inexhaustible paradise on this side.
Flipping through this sitting in a book store. Trying hard to not cry. #HarryPotter #PageToScreen #11Years #ELEVENYEARSOFMYLIFE
"…she knew that she was going to write seven books. And we had made a deal for all seven books."
When you just anticipate genius. #HarryPotter #PageToScreen
These NE people.

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Super proud of you.

In other news, say hello to #Thor. #Yes #ShesAShe #Marvel #DidntSeeThatOneComing
And I cried. Really. #RIPArchie #ArchiesLastWords